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Welcome to Choose Your Way Warwick, a year-long project to explore the future of transport. Sign up now and you can earn rewards when you use either active or sustainable transport around campus.

When you sign up to the Choose Your Way Warwick challenge on the BetterPoints app, the perks will come flooding in. Walking, cycling, or running around campus? You'll get rewards. Zipping about on an e-scooter? You'll get rewards. But it doesn't stop there, as members will also get opportunities for prize draws and surveys. Members will also get to experience new and exciting ways to travel to, and around, campus.

This challenge has been made possible thanks to the Future Transport Zones project by Transport for West Midlands. Download the app and sign up to stay up to date on the latest and have fun.

Automatic tracking allows us to collect a more comprehensive and accurate data set of your activities. Your data will be aggregated and anonymised across all Choose Your Way Warwick participants to help Transport for West Midlands and the University of Warwick better understand its members’ travel needs, habits and CO2 emissions. Better understanding means a better, safer and healthier campus for you to travel around and more tailored rewards for you to enjoy! Tap here to read our privacy policy.