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Liftango Climate-Positive Carpooling

The daily commute just got easier. With Liftango’s climate-positive carpooling app, you can grab a ride and meet new people or connect with friends and share a trip.

Drive or ride, it’s up to you!

We’ll ensure you're doing your best to reduce your environmental impact whilst making your commute something you enjoy.

Quickly find a carpool match with fast, real-time matching. If that’s not your jam, send a message to your friends and connect instantly.

By carpooling with Liftango, you can;

  • Meet new people
  • Find a ride quickly and easily
  • Gain access to guaranteed parking rewards
  • Create private rides between you and your buddies
  • Offset all the emissions of your carpool trip

Liftango offsets more emissions than created by carpool trips—making it a climate-positive experience for our environment. Through a partnership with Pachama, all carpool vehicle emissions get offset.

There is no extra cost, and the service is FREE for all carpool users.

Talk to your employer or university campus about getting Liftango for your organisation today.

For more information, visit

Change the way you travel around campus and earn rewards.

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