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What rewards can you earn?

What rewards can you earn?

There are lots of rewards on offer for tracking your active and sustainable travel with the BetterPoints app. The rewards outlined below are the basic rewards you'll get throughout the challenge, in addition there will be short campaigns and bonus rewards up for grabs. Keep an eye on your app for updates so you don't miss out!

Sign up and Get Started Survey

Once you're all signed up with BetterPoints, you'll start to see rewards coming in when you travel around campus. All you need to do is choose either an active or sustainable mode of transport and you're on your way.

1,000 BetterPoints = £1 so it won't be long until you're able to exchange your points for vouchers or donate them to yourfavourite charity!

Kick off your rewards by earning 250 BetterPoints for answering some short questions about your activity levels and travel habits.

How you choose to move has never been more important! These are the rewards up for grabs each week:

Walk, Run, Cycle

1 BetterPoint per minute  (up to 150 minutes per week).

Car Club or WM On-Demand Bus

Use for the first time and get 150 BetterPoints (don't forget to choose your mode from the play menu!)

Bus, Train, Car Club, WM On-Demand Bus

Earn an additional 1 BetterPoint every 0.5 miles(max of 200 BetterPoints per week)

Refer a friend and be in with a chance winning 1,000 BetterPoints each week. Five winners will be picked every Monday

The BetterPoints you earn or win can be traded in for vouchers, donated to charity or spent online.

Remember, these are just the core rewards - look out for boosted points and prizes throughout the Challenge!

Change the way you travel around campus and earn rewards.

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